Introducing Discover

In the heart of the summer, we are happy to introduce to you a fresh new feature of Retrica: Discover.

With Discover, you can connect and interact with other Retricans around you. 

To access Discover, click on the arrow below the 'Shutter Button'



When you enter Discover, you will see a section called '#featured'. This section shows the contents posted by our Retricans that have been selected by our editors at Retrica. 



Do you want to see all the new posts from the world in real time? Meet the various Retricans from all over the world right here!



Another section that you can see in Discover, is '#' followed by the city where you are. This section shows the content of Retricans nearby. 



In the main page of Discover you can see also all your friends and all the pictures that they shared to the world. Take a look at them and show them how much you like their pictures by giving them a lot of likes.


My Page

Check the pictures that you shared, customize your profile and add a bio to it. Express yourself and let other people know about you.




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