Add doodle and text

To doodle on your picture :

You can get more creative by drawing on your picture with the Retrica Doodle tool !


  • Take a beautiful picture
  • On the review screen, touch the pencil icon btn_rv_doodle_rw_normal.png
  • Unleash your creativeness and imagination!

🤓 Pro Tip 🤓

  • You can adjust the color with Color Bar on the right.
  • You can choose from 4 different sizes on the top.
  • To undo your last move, just press on the revolving arrow that just appeared on the top right corner.

To add text to your pictures :

Add details to your pictures with the text tools !


  • Take a picture
  • On the review screen touch the btn_rv_text_rw_normal.png icon
  • Write your text and click enter or tap anywhere on the screen
  • You can resize, move the text anywhere you wish.



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