I cannot import photos from Photos (Camera Roll)!

After update 3.0, users who have been using in-app album no longer can edit the photos from Photos (Camera Roll). This is because we have discontinued to support the in-app album due to its vulnerability.

To edit photos from your Photos (Camera Roll) with Retrica, you need to move all the photos out of Retrica's in-app album and re-install the application.


  1. Go to your in-app album of Retrica.
  2. Select all photos and export them to your Photos (Camera Roll).
  3. Go to your Photos (Camera Roll) and check if all your exported photos are in the folder 'Retrica'.
  4. If all your photos are safely transferred, remove Retrica app from your iPhone and download it again from the AppStore. Make sure all your photos are moved to Photos. By removing Retrica from your iPhone, all your photos inside the app will be deleted.
  5. Now you can import and edit all the photos from your Photos (Camera Roll) with Retrica!


If you have any question, please feel free to write us via support@retrica.co

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